Money Magazine

From 2011 to 2017, I created over 40 pieces for their “Plan” section. The illustrations were always done in the same two colors, but open to weird ideas in different styles. 

Art Director: Leah Bailey
A pile of printed paper!
Ace Your Annual Review
Ace Your Next Interview
Ask the Tricky Questions
Benefit From Being a Mentor #1
Benefit From Being a Mentor #2
Cross-country jobs
Cut Your Familys Cell Phone Bill
Find Cheaper Loans for College
Get on the C-Suites Radar
Get Out From Under at Wor
Get Support Staff to Support You
Get the Best Deal on Everything
Get the Line on Unlisted Jobs
Graduate On Time
Help Co-Workers Help You
Help Steer the Ship at Work
Hitting a FAFSA Bulls-eye
How to cover trip mishaps
How to Survive a Career Change
How to Unplug From Work
Impress From Your Desk
Managing Coworkers
Mommy Are We Rich
Networking Tips If You Hate Networking
Pay Less for Your Family's Tech
Protect Your Legacy
Retool Your Productivity
Scholarship-site Road Test
Should your boss be your BFF
Spring-Clean Your Finances
Structuring an inheritance
Thinking of Leaning Out of Work
Tweet Your Way to a New Job
What Your Teens Don’t Know About Money
When Family leave Is a Must
When to Kick Your Adult Child Off Your Health Plan. 
Why Health Care Prices Vary So Much
Work the (Party) Room
You're the Executor Now What
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